LG OLED Canyon Display – Curved and Flexible

lg oled canyon

The LG OLED Canyon is a 92 inch open frame display, and it is now available for companies. Unlike previous generations of fixed curved displays, these are easily adapted to the environment, and are suitable for various types of business premises.
The LG OLED Canyon has an ability to maintain an unusual shape which is a dream of every designer. Creative possibilities are unlimited: awesome images from the beach may be displayed on the screen in the form of waves, or a tunnel made of images that provides viewers with information, or an exclusive panorama etc. In addition to designer features, the flexible curvature of the screen has practical advantages.

The LG OLED Canyon curved display is great for limited space on the floor, while the short radius of panels allows installation on smaller pillars better than ever before. Lighter weight makes the installation simpler and faster, which is greatly useful in renting and displaying events.
What is most important, the LG OLED Canyon display can be adjusted according to the user needs, and their re-usability is probably their most radical feature. Not only do users have the ability to adjust the curvature of the panels, they can also change it for future installations. The same display can be adapted to a wide range of designs, rather than compelling designers to make plans around existing materials or set up a disposable display. With the curvature calibrator, on-site displays can be set to a convex or concave curve. The ability to place curvature on the site contributes to making the environment more attractive to the human eye.
The OLED open frame is outstanding due to unlimited contrast and the deepest black, consistent image quality and accurate color reproduction, as well as a wide viewing angle. Since OLED has self-illuminating technology, there is no backlight. When the pixel is off, there is no parasitic backlight in the background. The area is completely black, which prevents leakage of light and creates unlimited contrasts. The rich black and sharp contrast of the LG OLED curved display create vibrant colors and incomparable image quality. With a low response time, the OLED screen is able to present the content without delay, which enhances the viewer’s experience.


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