The new AMD X570 chipset for AM4 motherboards with PCIe 4.0 support

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The X570 chipset, also known by its code name Matisse, will be the new AMD flagship chipset for consumer PCs. AMD X570 chipset AM4 motherboards with PCIe 4.0 support will be presented at Computex 2019 which will take place on 5 days from Tuesday, 28. May to Saturday, 01. June 2019 in Taipei.

In many ways, the new AMD chipset will have most of the features of the current X470 chipset, but there will be one very important difference – support for the PCI Express 4.0 bus. And judging by the words “ALL PCIe Gen4 Solution”, it can be assumed that all PCI slots of the motherboard will be connected to the PCIe 4.0 bus. This technology is supported by Zen 2 and 7 nm rendition of the “Vega” architecture. This is interesting because AMD has not confirmed PCIe 4.0 support in products like Ryzen or Radeon RX that clearly support it.

On the other side, a new Intel chipset known as Glacier Falls intended for the HEDT platform will appear in the third quarter of next year. Glacier Falls chipset should replace the X299 chipset. There will be new B365 and H310C chipsets that will start to appear on the market with new motherboards. Also, there will be new Intel 9th generation Core series processors in KF and F variants: Core i9-9900KF, Core i7-9700KF, Core i5-9600KF, Core i3-9350KF, Core i5-9400F, and Core i3-8100F. But more information on what kind of models they will be is not yet available.


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